Other Telegraph Instruments & Products

Telegraphy did not always use audible sounders. This is Morse's original sounder which recorded the message on paper tape as dots and dashes using a metal point.

A paper tape is marked with the dots and dashes received. The operator would then decode them into the characters and words of a message.

This later pen sounder produced marked tape that was more easily read by the operator. However, tape devices proved to
be too slow - as compared to a telegrapher directly using the Morse Code with a key and audible sounder.


The stock ticker was the last tape printer commonly used. It received a form of coded signals over telegraph/telephone lines and printed stock symbols and values.


Original Edison Stick Ticker from about 1870.


A crystal set manufactured by Bunnell in 1916


Bunnell Horizontal Galvanometer


Lightning protection spark gap from Bunnell

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